If you walk outside almost anywhere in Panama City between the hours of 8am - 12pm, you are almost guaranteed to see several students donning the country's school uniform; A white or blue button down shirt with slacks and dress shoes. Panama, like many other third world countries, has an education crisis. This starts from … Continue reading Education

Exploitation of Resources

In a country whose economy thrives on foreigners, be it tourists or shipping companies, it is important to be able to offer something unique. Panama exploits its distinct ecology and geography to differ itself from other countries and to bring people in. The first idea that comes to mind when I think of exploitation of … Continue reading Exploitation of Resources


Walking down to the school this morning, I noticed something I hadn't really thought about. The sidewalks, the streets and the buildings bring people and their belongings really close. Once I made a left turn onto Av. Manuel Espinosa Batista, there is a bus stop roughly 50 meters from the corner. Lined up on the … Continue reading Space


If gender roles are overemphasized anywhere in the world, it is Central America or the Middle East. Panama is absolutely no exception to this outdated ideal. On my first night in the country, I went to a restaurant where the women were serving, and the men were behind the counter. I didn’t think too much … Continue reading Gender


In a country where the Army is outlawed, there is certainly a large militaristic presence. Be it security guards outside banks wielding 12 Gauge shotguns, Presidential Guards carrying pistols, militarized police forces carrying sub machine guns or long rifles, or all the private security guards who carry pistols.  There hasn’t really been a single moment where … Continue reading Defense


In the Army, punctuality is injected into our blood stream by the NCOs and Officers. One of our many mottos is "If you are not 15 minutes early, you are late." When you are late, the physical and mental punishment is waiting for you, like thunder waiting for lightening. This lifestyle has led me to … Continue reading Time